How to remove an ad

There are 3 easy ways to remove an ad once it has posted on GringoPost:

1: Find your ad on GringoPost.com.
2: Click on the Subject / Headline of your post.
3: Click on the flag button found at the top right corner of your post

Your ad will automatically be deleted/updated when your Email address is verified

Find your post

Click on the subject

Click on the flag button

2. When your ad was submitted, you were sent an email confirmation.  
Please find the confirmation in your old mail.
Open the email and follow the instructions to remove that ad. (simply reply to that email with the word "remove")

3.  Send an email to support@gringopost.com which includes a link to the ad, or copy and paste the ad into the email.  
Explain briefly the reason you wish to have the email removed: sold, rented, incorrect information, etc.

Please always send the removal request from the email address originally used to submit the ad.